Nordic ARDF championships 2020

The MOST USER FRIENDLY Fox hunt ever…. !!

  • Mc.Donald’s every 500m
  • Rickshaws available
  • Lifts and benches on all beautifull view points
  • Detours are marked
  • No ticks or cobwebs
  • Gold medals for all participants
  • No uphill hills




Dear ARDF friends,

On behalf of EDR (Experimenterende Danske Radioamatører) it is my pleasure to announce, that:
The Nordic ARDF Championships 2020 will take place on July 31st – August 2nd, 2020. The venue will be Hilleröd, 30 km north of Copenhagen.

Save the date. Detailed invitation will be issued beginning of 2020.

Vy 73 de Arne, OZ9VA